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Underground Friends!

Tsundere Violence
Otherman Records
Splitterkor Rekords Dziwko!!!
Dance Corps

Amen Zoo

Multi-genre label started in 2012 by Himeko Katagiri, one of the big inspirations for UGCC.
J-Core label run by DJ Sharpnel started in 1998.
Breakcore / IDM label run by Othermoon started in 2010.
Hardcore / Speedcore / Breakcore / Polcore label started by Loffciamcore in 2010.
Dancecore / Mashcore label started by Annoying Ringtone in 2009.

Giant free music archive, despite the name it hosts more than lolicore (UGCC is there too)
Breakcore rave crew in Amsterdam, NL run by meatchopper118 with visuals from MeowMeow.
Beefed up, free notepad variant used to code this site, use it!

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